Issues surrounding manufacturing often relate to ethics and social sustainability – ensuring safe and equitable working conditions for the people making the garments.


The majority of the world’s garments are made in developing countries. These are low-cost to produce in, but conditions for workers may be unsafe or inequitable.


In Australia, companies who manufacture in Australia are bound by the Homeworker codes of different states. Companies can also be accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.


For offshore manufacturing, Fair Trade can help companies work with communities around the world, supporting local projects and ensuring that local producers are paid a fair wage.


Ethical production can enable closer partnerships between users, designers and producers, even if across the world.



Where are the garments made and under what conditions?

How transparent is the supply chain?

Does the company have a Code of Conduct in place, and how are they ensuring the Code is followed?

Do the manufacturing methods sustain or exploit the lives of workers?


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